Chili ala Emma

Publicerat i: Emma, Mat Foodie
You need
Ground Meat
Chili powder
And a pinch of Graham Masala spices
Serve it with sallad, tomatoes and some grated cheese!

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Cut it all of (nearly)

Publicerat i: Emma Natalie Dormer, Sidecut
Tonight my mom and sister will help me cut of parts of my hair. There is no other way to celebrate turning 27.
My inspiration Natalie Dormer
Pictures will come later.
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Man Crush Monday

Publicerat i: Emma MCM
This weeks Man Crush Monday continues on the Marvel road, bur this time it´s Captain America aka Chris Evans time on the throne. 
I have liked Chris since a saw him in Fantastic Four. I love that he is diverce and can do comedy, dramas and action movies. And he is not bad to look at either. 
Chris Evans are making his directorial debut with Before We Go.
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